The roots of Fifth Force Entertainment are steeped in a passion for storytelling, filmmaking, and empowerment.


Our language is cinema but our pursuit is humanity. From the content we create to our interactions with associates, fans and each other, our embodiment of inspiration and innovation are self-evident.

Fifth Force Entertainment is a film production company based in Vancouver, BC. Our primary business is the creation of a wide variety of media and independent films around the world. Fifth Force Entertainment boasts an expanding portfolio of high quality, cutting-edge content. 

We are a team of resourceful, creative and enduring filmmakers devoted to maintaining and exceeding our client's needs. Our goal is to create astounding  promotional media that's inspirational and caters to our clients' vision. We strive in fast pace environments, staying current with the newest changes in the film industry.



As a collaborator with filmmakers and artists, his satisfaction lies in empowering them to create their own vision in the purest form. His belief is that with true passion, dedication, and a nurturing work environment, greatness can be the only result.




A visual storyteller who sees life in beautiful flowing keyframes, with unique insights on perspective, imagining the most creative and ambitious ways to capture any given moment. Empowered by his passion for cinema, and with the power to construct new worlds through film, he aims to dazzle and inspire all who witness his design.


A ferocious curiosity in humanity, and an irrepressible drive to find the truth. All his works are character driven, brutally honest, and without prejudice to time, ethnicity, or class.



A creative, unique storyteller that pushes the boundaries and examines humans on a whole. As a writer he compels extensive thinking while bringing detailed characters to life. With a fine tuned eye for detail and world building he is able to create detailed production design to encapture audiences and explore never before seen visuals.